Search Engine Placement and Optimisation. Internet Marketing, Web Site Promotion and Pay Per Click ManagementWhat is search engine placement?
This is the marketing technique of 'optimising' and submitting a website to ensure that it is indexed by search engines and directories to appear in the top 20 results of a search relevant to the site's content. By focusing on the elements of a website that will help to achieve a high search engine ranking, this technique enables the website to receive sustained traffic from relevant web users.

Why is search engine placement important for my website?
Search engine placement is a vital part of any website marketing strategy. Research has shown how search engines are the primary tool used to find information on the web and a high ranking on the top search engines will generate high-quality, targeted web traffic without incurring regular marketing costs.

How can I optimise my website for search engines?
Whether you are planning a new website, or have an existing site and want to attract more web users to visit it, we have provided a list of 10 top tips you need to consider.

What's the difference between search engines and directories?
Although often used as the generic term for all web search tools, search engines are automated search tools that send out 'spiders' to visit, record and index websites and then generate results from their huge databases. In contrast, directories are human-compiled search tools where websites are assessed and categorised with subject hierarchies to allow users to either search or browse for information.

Which are the top search engines and directories?
There are only 5-20 or so search engines that are regularly used by the majority of web searchers and are therefore essential to any search engine placement strategy. You can find out who these search engines are in our section on the top search engines and directories.

Which search engines cover UK-only websites?
See our section on UK focused search engines, including regional versions of many of the top US search engines and directories.

Which search engines cover other European countries?
See our section on European focused search engines, also including some regional versions of many of the top US search engines and directories.

What needs to be done to my website to improve it's ranking on search engines?
Achieving a successful search engine placement takes an in-depth knowledge of each search engine, meticulous planning of search terms, and regular (and sometimes persistent) submission by hand. Learn how 1Above would work with your website by visiting the Promote section.

Can I pay to get my website listed at the top of search engine results?
Increasingly, options are becoming available where you can pay to include your website in search engine or directory results. For our recommendation and advice, revisit this page or contact us now for an update.

Where can I find more information about search engines and how to use them?
There's lots of good information on the web about search engines and how to get the best out of them - whether you are simply looking for information, or submitting a website. We've listed some top places in the Resources section.

What's the future of search tools on the web?
A hard one to predict, especially if the web develops over the next two years at the same rate that it has done over the last 10! Read our predictions about possible future search technologies soon.

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